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Dog Daycare, the Right Way

Let your best friend play while you are away!

Our expert staff will be there to let them run, think, make friends, and enjoy every minute of their time apart from you – guaranteeing they are tuckered out all the way home.

Dog Daycare

Between work, socializing, the gym, and errands, life gets pretty hectic.

While you run around, make sure your dog can too! With extended hours and a trained staff, you don’t have to worry about rushing home to let Fido out or feel guilty about leaving him home alone all day.

Let your pet make friends and get loved on all day at BarkBound.


With a variety of boarding options, you can rest assured that your pet will relax in luxury while you are away. With attentive staff and days filled with playdates, your pup may not be ready to come back home. If you can’t take them with you, let an expert watch over them.



I love taking Annabelle to BarkBound for boarding. I know she is in great hands with the staff, and not shut away in a crate all day. Getting to run and play with other fun-loving dogs while we are out of town takes away all of my traveling guilt.



I take my two dogs multiple times a week for daycare while I am at work. When I have long days or evening plans, it is nice to know they are being looked after and getting the attention they need.



As a veterinarian myself, it is important to take my dogs to a place focused on health and safety, BarkBound is the best I have found out there.

Structured, Enriching Play

Other dog daycares out there let your dog run and play, but we know all dogs aren’t wired the same way. That’s why we push beyond standard group play and focus on enriching activities. These will vary by day so there is always something new, but each of our activities focus on exercising the mind, so they are fully tired out. Be sure to follow us on social media to see some examples of our events, activities, and celebrations.

One-on-one time with your pet can be added to your daycare package, including puzzles, exercise, agility, obstacle courses, and more.


Veterinarian Approved

At BarkBound, it is our priority to create a safe, healthy, enriching environment for your pet. That is why from day one, we have consulted with veterinarians to ensure everything from the products we use, to the design of our facility, to the schedule of your pup’s day is best for your furry friend.

Daycare & Boarding Fit for Man’s Best Friend